Open Space and Tree Management Market and Service Delivery Assessment

City of Melbourne engaged Xyst to undertake a market and service delivery assessment and make recommendations on the best model for packaging the Open Space Management and Tree Management service contracts.

The Xyst team gathered market intelligence on the current and potential service providers and considered the market in which they operate. We identified any major developments, industry practice or technology changes in the industry that could require new specifications or have a material bearing and can be leveraged to deliver the service.

We looked at any changes to the marketplace such as changes to suppliers, substitutes, delivery models, service efficiencies, sustainability, the supply chain or services delivered. And we considered skilled resource attraction and retention. Identified and described the innovation opportunities open to the contractors and Council.

Xyst also compared how other Victorian local governments, other capital cities and international cities deliver this type of service, including details of contractual arrangements.

Project Benefit

The Xyst team conducted extensive market analysis and provided advice regarding options to package service delivery.
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