Community Experience Group Organisational Structure Review

Xyst undertook a review for Whakatāne District Council, looking at areas of the business that have the potential for positive change. Three types of change have been considered:

1. Process – any process changes to better benefit staff and the community.
2. Responsibility – role definition and allocating responsibility where there appears to be a gap.
3. Structure – structural change to reflect both process and responsibility.

These supported process change and created capacity to deliver additional functional support to teams.

Project Benefit

To support positive change in the group activities of open spaces operations, aquatics and recreation, procurement and administration, properties and facilities assets. Teams have many synergies, are all closely aligned and contribute directly to the enhancement of the health, wellbeing and social enjoyment of the Whakatane community and visitors.
Client organisation
Whakatāne District Council
Service Delivery
Business Improvement Planning
In-house management support/staff placement
Service Delivery Model comparison
Service Delivery Review (Section 17a Local Government Act)
Asset Management
Activity/Asset Management Plans