Community Facilities and Open Spaces Levels of Service Development

For Southland District Council, levels of service were prepared by Xyst for a range of assets within six activity areas:

1. Parks and Reserves (Open Spaces)
2. Cemeteries
3. Public Toilets
4. Community Centres
5. Community Housing
6. Water Structures (wharves and jetties)

Benefits of a robust level of service approach include:
• Consistency of service delivery
• Mechanism for changing levels of service and addressing disparity
• Significant financial lever to control costs or accelerate expenditure
• Strategic hierarchy on which to base development of subsequent plans, financial reporting structure, asset hierarchy and service standards

To assist in driving a “user experience” approach to levels of service, the six activity areas were further organised into 12 categories, reflecting a mix of assets and services that support the intended experience. These levels of service were designed to provide comprehensive direction to asset managers so that they are able to deliver the desired levels of service through appropriate acquisition, design, development, maintenance and operation of the facilities and services.

Project Benefit

Xyst developed and defined levels of service for Southland District Council’s open spaces and community facilities to better enable them to define what it will deliver to its communities and ensure that the delivery continues to be sustainable.
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