Kauaeranga Valley Trail Needs Assessment

For preparation of the assessment Xyst undertook a review of current strategic documents, recreation participation, current trail provision, demographics and projections, the tourism setting and active transport opportunities.
To understand where community sentiments lay and to gather further localised information community consultation was undertaken via three ways: stakeholder structured interviews, an online survey and drop-in sessions. The online survey and drop-in sessions was advertised through Council social media and by the use of temporary poster boards placed in strategic locations about Thames. Easy access to the online survey was made possible by the use of a QR code.
A strong response from the community provided a sound platform for the findings within the assessment and alongside the background research allowed for a clear direction for Council decision making.

Project Benefit

Provided an assessment of whether there was a demonstrated need for a trail up the Kauaeranga Valley, Thames.
Client organisation
Thames-Coromandel District Council
Trail Feasibility Studies 
Trail Strategies