Play Strategy

Xyst was commissioned to develop a Play Strategy for the Mackenzie District Council, the region has a modest population of around 8000 residents but welcomes over 1 million guests nights annually. Given these unique demographics, a meticulous approach to play asset provision is essential. The strategy commenced with a comprehensive review, delving into existing levels of service and performance of facilities, as well as the geographical distribution of play facilities. The aim was to identify additional play assets necessary to meet the demands of both the local community and visitors.

Using an innovative playground assessment tool developed by Xyst, the review assessed the performance and condition of the District’s eight playgrounds. This tool was developed following best practices, playground design guidelines, and principles from Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), ensuring a thorough evaluation. The assessments covered various aspects, including security, accessibility, inclusivity for all ages and abilities, play value, overall condition, and the presence of associated facilities like toilets, shade, rubbish bins, seating, and drinking fountains.

The resulting Play Strategy presented numerous recommendations that integrated into the Council’s capital and operational budgets, and inform the Long Term Plan. This comprehensive approach not only addressed the immediate needs of the community and visitors but also laid the foundation for sustainable and inclusive play experiences across the Mackenzie District.

Project Benefit

Developed the play strategy section of the Mackenzie Districts Parks and Amenities Strategy 2022
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