Regional Trails Master Plan – The Tracks and Trails of Western Australia’s Wildflower Country and Coast

Western Australia’s Tracks and Trails – Wildflower Country and Coasts. Xyst broke the project down into specific tasks made up of:
1. Market Analysis
Baseline Data Collation
Initial Workshop
Desktop Research
Levels of Service Framework

2. Site Development: Existing Trails
On-ground Assessments
Face-to-Face Consultation
Improvements Schedule
Existing Trail Mapping

3. Site Development: Proposed Trails
Trail Concept Plan Development
Improvements Schedule
Proposed Trail Mapping
Cost Estimates
Funding Opportunities
Marketing Opportunities

4. Economic Analysis
Economic Analysis Report

5. Reporting
Draft Report Development
Draft Report Presentation
Report Finalisation

Project Benefit

The project required the delivery of an evidence-based, comprehensive and relevant Regional Trails Master Plan that would be sufficient to enable constituent councils to give due consideration to the strategic aspects of the question as to whether it is feasible to progress with the planning and physical development of individual trails. The completed Plan will be used as a key reference document to support future grant applications by the 11 Councils (Shires) who were partners in the project.
Client organisation
Wildflower Country (representing 11 Shires in WA)
Trail Feasibility Studies 
Business Cases
Trail Strategies