Signage Suite & Procurement

The Mackenzie District Council initiated a Brand Guide (2020) to establish consistency in the Council’s visual representation.

Subsequently, Xyst conducted an audit of Council signs within the District’s parks and discovered a lack of identification representing the Mackenzie District Council. Existing signs were sporadic and of varying quality, leading to challenges in visitor navigation and facility identification. This lack of recognition also hinders the public in recognising that the Council is the provider of these amenities.

In response, Xyst was commissioned to develop a comprehensive sign system aligned with the Council’s visual identity. Through a competitive tender process, Xyst identified and selected a supplier capable of designing and manufacturing signs for installation by Council contractors.

The implementation of this new sign system took place over 2022 and 2023, enhancing the visibility and recognition of the Mackenzie District Council across its parks and facilities.

Project Benefit

Xyst developed a brand guide and outdoor signage system for all parks and community facilities in the Mackenzie District including sign design and procurement of a on-going supply contract for sign layout and construction.
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