Township Contract Performance Auditing

Xyst designed a specialized tool for the Mackenzie District Council, leveraging the Safety Culture iAuditor platform. This tailored solution facilitates the inspection of areas maintained under the Council’s Township Maintenance Contract.

Utilising this platform, Xyst conducts monthly inspections of Reserves and Public Spaces, ensuring adherence to the Council’s Townships Contract. The tool incorporates specific questions, tailored to meet contract specifications, including health and safety requirements. Additionally, it generates comprehensive summary reports for Council Staff and the Contractor, featuring a final score per site. This score is instrumental for the Mackenzie District Council’s reporting and helps to monitor contractor Key Performance Indicators.

The information generated through this tool enables systematic monitoring and reporting of contractor performance, ensuring  adherence to their contractual obligations. This proactive approach not only fosters good contractor relations but also allows Council staff to pick up on outstanding maintenance items that would otherwise be missed.

Project Benefit

Undertake monthly quality audit assessments of parks maintenance, public toilet and halls cleaning contractor service performance.
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Mackenzie District Council
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Quality Auditing and Monitoring