Waikato Tree Inventory data collection

Using a mobile data collection tool (GIS Cloud) Xyst collected data about the identity, age, condition, location and maintenance requirements of every Council tree in the Waikato District. Data (including images) is collected in the field and uploaded to a cloud-based database from where it can be exported in various formats for import directly into Council’s GIS system and used for maintenance scheduling and asset management.

In this project, we started with a spreadsheet from a previous data collection exercise that we were able to import into GIS Cloud as the basis for a map and data collection project. The new tree data was added seamlessly and mapped alongside the original data.

Project Benefit

Over a period of several months prior to the procurement of a tree maintenance contract, a team of two travelled through the Waikato capturing data about all street and park trees that are the responsibility of the Waikato District Council.
Client organisation
Waikato District Council
GIS Analysis and mapping
Service Delivery
Contract specifications
Asset Management
Field data collection
Tree inventory and condition assessment