Waitaki Public Toilet Performance Assessment

To undertake this work for Waitaki District Council, Xyst used its public toilet performance assessment tool to provide an individual assessment and report for each public toilet complete with photos and an overall performance score. Each toilet was assessed for:

• Facility description (materials, gender configuration, location)
• Condition (floors, walls, ceiling, fixtures, roof – external ground-based visual assessment only)
• Performance from a customer perspective (cleanliness, safety, design, etc)
• Conformance to accessibility standards
• Crime Prevention through environmental design – CPTED
• Potential for addition of visitor counting technology

A summary spreadsheet was prepared to provide a database of the attributes for each toilet and a summary report in powerpoint format highlighted key issues for consideration.

Project Benefit

Assessment of the performance of public toilets in the Waitaki District allowed the Waitaki District Council to identify issues with quality and performance, prioritise improvements and develop a strategy for further provision and upgrade.
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