Whangārei Aquatic Centre Asset Management Practices Review

Xyst supported Smartz in its review of the pool that is operated by Sport Northland and CLM, by providing the asset management element of the project.

The Review was commissioned by Whangārei District Council (WDC) with support from Sport Northland, and in liaison with Community Leisure Management (CLM). The review was not a formal full-service delivery review as defined in section 17a of the Local Government Act 2002. However, it followed a similar approach and was intended to inform WDC and Sport Northland for future decisions relating to the Whangārei Aquatic Centre.

The approach taken was to investigate all relevant documentation, interview stakeholders, conduct a site visit and commission independent reports in relation to asset condition and asset management. All findings were analysed to determine key issues and opportunities and a set of future options were assessed to determine the preferred approach to ownership/governance/management into the future.

Project Benefit

Support council in the undertaking of a review of the Whangarei Aquatics Centre (WAC) Asset Management (AM) processes and approach and provide an insight as to whether it meets best practice.
Client organisation
Whangarei District Council
Service Delivery
Service Delivery Review (Section 17a Local Government Act)
Service Delivery Model comparison
Asset Management
Condition Assessment
Asset Management Plans 
Organizational Assessment