Annette Campion


I provide expertise and an in-depth understanding of planning for parks. I am engaged to undertake assessments of parks and recreation provision, analysis of park acquisitions and business cases for park development proposals.

I am also the secretary of the Te Motu a Hiaroa (Puketutu Island) Management Trust which reflects a co-governance arrangement for a 200ha island. I have become a subject matter expert on the island and developed a good working relationship with the mana whenua owners over the eight years I have been involved.

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My expertise

I have extensive experience working in parks and recreation planning for central, regional and local government bodies on a contract or consultant basis. This has included developing an expertise in statutory requirements around park classification, programme management, budget reporting, working with mana whenua, liaising with stakeholders and undertaking public consultation processes.

I have excellent analytical and reporting skills and am great at coordinating multiple tasks as part of delivering programmes.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Maj. Geography, University of Auckland
  • Te Reo Māori, Level 2

Xyst in action

A great example of the way we consult with all stakeholders to deliver successful community projects was the opening of the Hillary Trail in Auckland in 2010. I was the project manager, which required an overview of the delivery of many capex projects related to tracks and campgrounds, the marketing material promoting the trail, and on-site interpretation and way-finding. Our stakeholder engagement included councillors, Hillary family members, mana whenua and the local communities impacted by the trail.

In addition, I organised the opening event, developed an implementation plan and follow up monitoring on the success of the trail. This required huge coordination over a relatively short time frame and the appeasement of those opposed to the greater use of the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park. The trail, which connects numerous existing tracks, provides an experience like a Great Walk on Auckland’s doorstep and has been extremely popular as a multi-day tramp or running challenge, and for day trippers wanting to experience the trail in sections.



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My Projects

Open Space Consultation

Xyst developed a Consultation Plan for the Parks and Open Spaces Strategy. At a high level the consultation was split into two phases. Phase one

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