Eykolina Benny


As a consultant, I am involved with a mixture of parks planning, asset management, capital works delivery and programme management projects for councils. My role often requires a high degree of meaningful consultation and engagement with the public and key stakeholders. I am supporting the Yardstick Parks Surveys project while also providing GIS support for the mapping of parks and reserves to support public access to open spaces. I have worked in local and national government roles in New Zealand, Scotland and Australia, in a natural resource management capacity, which has made me flexible in understanding a variety of topics within local communities.

You can contact me for help with

  • Parks audits
  • Community engagement
  • Surveys
  • Observational studies
  • Asset conditions assessment
  • Project management
  • Contract management

My expertise

I have been involved in the development and implementation of environmental land management plans, contract and project management, environmental site condition monitoring, biodiversity management, plant and animal pest management, environmental policy advice, natural resource management and nutrient management.


  • Masters of Forestry Science
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Carbon Neutral Agriculture
  • Facilitation Masterclass
  • Advanced Sustainable Nutrient Management Certificate
  • Intermediate Sustainable Nutrient Management Certificate
  • ArcGIS 2: Essential Workflows
  • ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS
  • Land Use Capability

Xyst in action

My experience with environmental management plans, stakeholder engagement and facilitation and GIS support in NZ, Scotland and Australia within the natural resource environment will assist Xyst Australia in a wide range of projects.




Along with Yardstick, our international benchmarking program for local government, if you need research to make good decisions, we can get it for you

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Asset Management

Having accurate information about assets allows you to make practical, workable decisions about maintaining and developing community spaces

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