Taitua Arboretum Development Plan

25 years on from the gifting of the Taitua Arboretum to the people of Hamilton City and 50 years on from the first tree plantings, the Arboretum’s landscape has changed significantly; the trees have matured, infrastructure has been developed and visitation has increased significantly.

The intention was to take a fresh look at the Arboretum, identify what the key issues and challenges are currently, and what challenges may lie ahead. This plan looks to
re-establish what the key values of the site are, understand and highlight Taitua’s point of difference and describe development and investment priorities for the next 25 years.

Project Benefit

Xyst worked with the Hamilton City Council and Taitua Arboretum Advisory Group to prepare a Development Plan for the 22-hectare Taitua Arboretum.
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Hamilton City Council
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