Trails Operating Levels of Service

Xyst produced an operating level of service that was aligned with best practice guidelines which focused on confirming maintenance tasks associated with the trail network and identifying appropriate intervention tolerances, frequencies of operation, response times and deadlines associated with each task. Each level of service that was identified responded to the public use of the trails so that Council can allocate adequate resources to each trail depending on level of use. During the development of this level of service Xyst worked with the relevant Nillumbik staff to provide sufficient information on each operating task associated with each level of service. This involved a workshop where staff and Xyst worked through each task and identified whether the suggested level of service would work for Council taking into account their processes and resources

Project Benefit

Xyst assisted the Nillumbik Shire Recreation department to provide a suitable level of service framework and to document operating service standards.
Client organisation
Nillumbik Shire Council
Service Delivery
Levels of service setting